Magnesium is Good for the Brain

Magnesium is a substance that we need in small amounts in particular for the nerve cells to function better. A group of Chinese researchers found that an injection of magnesium makes rats become better at learning new things and get improved memory.
Apart from the addition of magnesium, the rats had an ordinary diet, which means they did not suffer any shortage of magnesium, prior to injection.


  • Ben

    LOL.. Small amounts?? Most people in America are magnesium deficient due to the fact most of the old rich soil has been taken over by pesticides and GMs… People are not getting enough magnesium and humans need a lot. That is the problem with many people today with anxiety, depression, cramps ect.. list goes on and on.. I have done extensive studies on this very very important element our bodies need..

  • Lex

    Hi Ben,

    Since the study was made on mice I guess it’s hard to convert to the exact amount that is needed for humans. For most of the minerals you don’t want to eat to much since an overdose could cause failure in different organs. What I heard magnesium is a good mineral in that sense since it won’t cause major failures in the human body usually. I found a great site for more information about magnesium:

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