Foods for Brain Health

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Are you wondering why you fell mentally depressed? If you are using your brain’s full potential? Feeling depressed for no reason?

These could be a sign of you not eating correctly. There are some brain foods that are high in nutrients to protect and repair your brain cells. These brain foods could also help you learn and remember more, feel better and be more motivated. By eating better it could improve your life, make you more relaxed och be happier.

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Mind Power Techniques – Unleashing the Full Potential of the Mind

Mind Power SuperwomanDid you know that we utilize only 10% of our brain? This means we still have 90% mind power left to be discovered and utilized. If you can access this remaining 90%, can you imagine the great things that you can accomplish? Fortunately, there are a number of ways on how to do this. Using effective mind power techniques, you can enhance your life. Simply put, these mind power techniques can help you attain whatever dreams you may have.

Mind power techniques do not only help improve your life. It also helps you keep your mind working and sharp. During our peak years, we continuously utilize our brain in our ever day life. However, as we grow old, we tend to lessen the utilization of our brain. This could lead to developmental disorders, such as dementia. Practicing continuously mind power techniques will help you avoid this.

If you want to attain great things and life and keep your mind sharp, here are some effective mind power techniques that you can use.

Brain Food: Maintaining Concentration

Teaching yourself how to keep aintaining concentration. Finding you lag in the mornings? Worried that you’ll miss the point in your big afternoon meeting? If you want to ensure that your mind stays sharp during working hours, you may wish to try to increase your mental agility and enhance your memory by consuming the appropriate brain foods. We take a look at the best food for the working mind!

Breakfast Brain Foods

1. Protein-Based Breakfast

A study reported in the British Journal of Nutrition uncovered that a protein-based breakfast can affect our feeling of fullness during the day. The study found that people who eat high-quality protein foods, such as eggs and lean bacon, sustained a greater feeling of fullness throughout the day. This means that, if you eat protein at breakfast, you will be less likely to snack on unhealthy foods during working hours and will be less distracted by thoughts of food during the day.

Five Famous Tales of Brain Injury

While medical science has come a long way in recent years, the functioning of the human brain is still shrouded in mystery.  Acquired brain injuries; ones that are caused by physical trauma, or by substance abuse, hypoxia, or other external factors, can have unexpected effects on a person’s behavior and ability to function.

Some famous brain injury sufferers include:

Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage lived during the early 19th century.  He was an American railroad construction foreman.  His left frontal lobe was almost completely destroyed during a work-related accident when a large iron rod passed completely through his head.  Gage survived the accident, but his personality changed massively.  Gage was originally a cheerful and pleasant man, but his friends reported that after the accident he became surly and obstinate.  His recovery was long and difficult, but he did manage to go on to lead a relatively normal life.  He lived for twelve years after the accident.  The case of Phineas Gage changed attitudes among the medical profession and persuaded many that brain injury rehabilitation really was possible.

5 Foods Your Brain Needs to Help You Ace that Coming Exam


A lot of people think that getting a perfect score on an exam is the result of simply being smart or gifted. But did you know that anyone can ace an exam if they just do things right?

That’s right: you need to sleep well, study smart, and take care of your diet. After all, your brain needs sleep in order to help your body get ready for more work. You brain needs to be fed knowledge, and not simply mounds of information. And your brain needs good nutrition in order to function well.

As you can tell, getting a high score on your exam isn’t a function of what you were born with. Getting a high score comes from knowing how to take care of the brain that you’ve got. So sleep well, study smart, and have these 5 foods to help feed your brain.

How Being Bilingual Boosts Brain Power

How Being Bilingual Boosts Brain Power

As any doctor can tell you, regular workouts keep your bones sturdy and your muscles strong. Your brain and your biceps have something in common: Your mind also benefits from regular workouts, albeit of a different sort. Brain training boosts your mental acuity and problem-solving skills. Playing word games and solving puzzles are popular ways of exercising your brain, but new research suggests that language schools may be your best bet for brain-building.

The Study

If you have trouble concentrating, learning a new language could improve your mental focus. Researchers at Northwestern University studied a group of 48 students, 23 of whom were fully bilingual, to see how their brains responded to various sound stimuli. When listening to speech sounds in a quiet environment, all of the students’ brains showed similar brain activity. However, when scientists amplified background noise to observe how well the listeners could discern speech sounds from background noise, the bilingual students showed a much better capacity to tune out the clutter and focus on the speech.

Advice for Self Empowerment

No matter how good we may feel about our lives and the path we are headed on, there is always something we can do to improve our self-empowerment and improve even more our ability to live our best life. Many of us have goals for ourselves and want things we aren’t so sure are within our grasp. Whether we want a bigger house that we can afford to purchase, a new car, to increase our salary or to find a romantic partner that we can spend the rest of our life with, we want to be empowered to feel that we can and will have these things that we so greatly desire. What stops most people from getting th car, the person or the home of their dreams is the how. How can we get to this place or have this relationship when we are “stuck” here? This is what self empowerment will do for you and how it can greatly enrich your life.

How to Control Your Emotions

Many people don’t realize that any and all emotions we experience come from one of two places: love and fear. From love and fear, which are the basic emotions of anybody and anything, many other emotions manifest themselves such as anger, resentment, joy, lust, depression, jealousy, unworthiness, happiness, blissfulness and stress. You can take any emotion you feel right now, yesterday or tomorrow and connect it to love or fear. In the same way, based on whether you are experiencing feelings of love or fear, you can find a way to control or mold them into something productive.