3 New Topic Areas and New Authors

The MissBrain blog has been online since 2009 blogging about brain training in general. We have felt that sometimes our blog posts are little bit unfocued. So we have decided to make an improvement and give our readers better and more focused articles.

The new plan is that we will now be a total of three MissBrain blog writers with dedicated brain interest areas. Each of our writers will present themselves here on this blog later on during the coming weeks. What we can reveal is the interest areas that each one of our writers will cover. These are supposed to be their main focus but they will of course also write about other interesting brain related topics. If you feel that there is an area we have missed please leave us a comment.

The interest areas that each blogger will focus on are:

Blogger 1: Memory

Our first author will focus on our memory functions. He will cover everything about how our memory works, different kinds of memory, memory events etc. Author 1 will probably try out most of the mnemonic techniques and give tips on how to use these techniques. If there is enough time he will probably try to participate in some kind of memory competition.

Blogger 2: Brain health

Our second author will focus on our brain health. She will cover areas like brain food, exercises, new brain researches, how to prevent different dementia diseases and so on.

Blogger 3: Smart kids and gifted children

Our third author will focus on the area children. Writing about gifted children, special schools, how to get smart kids and much more.

We are really exited about this new idea and we hope you will appreciate these different topic areas that we have chosen to focus on.

Please feel free to leave us a comment about our new plans!