Advice for Self Empowerment

No matter how good we may feel about our lives and the path we are headed on, there is always something we can do to improve our self-empowerment and improve even more our ability to live our best life. Many of us have goals for ourselves and want things we aren’t so sure are within our grasp. Whether we want a bigger house that we can afford to purchase, a new car, to increase our salary or to find a romantic partner that we can spend the rest of our life with, we want to be empowered to feel that we can and will have these things that we so greatly desire. What stops most people from getting th car, the person or the home of their dreams is the how. How can we get to this place or have this relationship when we are “stuck” here? This is what self empowerment will do for you and how it can greatly enrich your life.

At one time or another, we are all prone to picking out the faults of others, comparing our progress or successes to what others have and criticizing. We judge without meaning to, and it can difficult to stop thinking certain ways when our mind is on auto-pilot. If we want to have more self-empowerment for the things we want in life, we need to stop focusing on what he or she has. Without realizing it, when we criticize other people, we are mostly judging ourselves and putting ourselves down. If we continue to do it, we are not only stopping ourselves from gaining what we want most in life, but we are also determining our future so that we will never have the things we want. Think about what you want for yourself more than anything else. Do you want to become more in touch with your spirituality? Do you want to have a higher salary or go for that promotion that you are currently too scared to apply for? Do you want to try skydiving but afraid of doing it? Do you consider yourself as someone who can do A but not B? These are all limiting thoughts, and not something that can give you the opportunity for change. If you want to be empowered and live an adventurous life, then you need to program youself for an adventurous life.

Visualizations and guided meditations can help change your thinking. When you change your thinking, watch your life transform before your eyes. Our mind holds powerful thoughts, and some of them may be so detrimental that we don’t even know they are being sent to our conscious mind until we see the same negative consequences in our life happen again and again. Begin by visualizing what you want for your life. Imagine it in all it’s glory. If we want to become more empowered for a satisfying, healthy relationship then consider what that truly means to you. Does it include someone to travel the world with in freedom with limited responsibility or someone to settle down with and have a family with? What does a healthy relationship look like to you? Is it someone that supports your dreams? Is it someone that pushes you to be the best you can possible be? Is he/she honest, trustworthy, reliable or spontaneous, adventurous and thrilling to be around? The more you can project and imagine for yourself, the more the Universe can respond and grant what you want for your life.

Try not to focus on being jealous or criticizing others for what they have and what you don’t have. Everything that you will want for your life will come, as long as you’re willing to be patient and persevere along the way. Even visualization doesn’t all of a sudden make your worries disappear. It takes dedication to what you truly desire in life, and having the confidence in yourself that you truly deserve it. Work on being present in your life instead of practicing impatience for the things you currently don’t have. If you practice diligence and perseverance for the house you dream of purchasing, having the bravery to skydive for the first time or to dive into a healthy relationship, you will be motivated and empowered to seek out everything you want.

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