Brain Challenge Review

brain challenge

Today there are many brain training games available for different gaming consoles and mobile phones. One of the most famous brain training games that were really big was Nintendo’s Big Brain Academy for Nintendo DS. The training ideas came from Dr. Kawashima from Japan. We will try to review as many of these games as possible here at In this post, we will do a review of a game from Gameloft, a Brain Challenge review.

“It’s said that people use only 10% of their brain”

– Brain Challenge

The game starts with this quote, to encourage players to play this game so they can start using a higher percentage of their brain. They focus on five different areas: logic, math, memory, visual and focus. For each of this area, there are a number of different games. You have to finish the previous games before being able to unlock the new one. They encourage the player to train every day with their daily test and you will also be able to follow your progress with different statistics and charts.

Brain Challenge Game

Conclusion: We enjoyed playing this game and think it’s a good way to keep the brain in shape with these exercises. The graphic is good with sound and speech.

MissBrain Rating: 4/5

Apple Apps Store Rating: 3/5

This game is available for mobile phones, iPods, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.