Breastfeed now, smarter kid later

In the many reasons why breastfed children are healthier than formulafed, there is one in particular that caught our attention – smarter kids if they were breastfed as infants. Now, there is no guaranties that they will turnout to be the next Einstein because of it, but we have research data that shows children having up to ten IQ-points more than their counterparts. The studies even show that these kids have better grades in schools.

One fat in breastmilk is the key ingredient when it comes to building smarter baby brains. It’s an omega-3 type fatty acid called docasahexaenoic acid or DHA. The longer the infant is breastfed the more intellectual-boost they gain. It’s important for the mother to keep her DHA levels up too in order to pass it on to the baby through breastmilk. Main source of DHA is fish and some doctors recommend at least 100 grams of fish each day. This is a reason why you should start to breastfeed today.