Children’s IQ Lowered By Spanking

Sad Girl by Jason Regan There might have been times when you thought that your child deserved a spanking for disobedience or mischiefs, but you restrained yourself. Well good for you and your child, because a new study shows measurable decrease of IQ attributed to corporal punishment. This might be a good reason for not spanking your children and lowering the children’s IQ.

On September 25, at the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma in San Diego, the 83-year-old sociologist Murray Straus presented his latest findings of long lasting effects behind short-term behavior correction. Straus whom himself have used corporal punishment on his son points out that children who been traumatized by spanking have trouble focusing and learning.

The research contained 1510 kids from ages 2 – 9 divided in two groups – 806 kids in the group of 2 to 4 year-olds, and 704 in the ages between 5 to 9. In the younger group the decrease was more significant than the older’s, the difference in IQ was 5 points among the younger group versus 2.8 points for the older children.

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