Get Higher IQ by Playing Tetris?


tetrisHappy birthday Tetris! It was 25 years ago on June 6th, 1985 Tetris was released to the public. Alexey Pajitnov the developer of the popular game is probably sitting at home reading the newly released paper published by Mind Research Network with a smile on his face. The result of their research says that playing Tetris makes your cortex thicker, maybe even raising your IQ.

One of the most surprising findings of brain research in the last five years was that juggling practice increased gray matter in the motor areas of the brain,” said Dr. Rex Jung, one of the investigators that worked on the research.

Get Higher IQ by Playing Tetris? It’s very probably that collaborative use of hand-eye coordination, focus, memory, and problem solving in playing the game that stimulates the brain wide change. “We were excited to see cortical thickness differences between the girls that practiced Tetris and those that did not,” said Dr. Richard Haier, a co-investigator in the study.

The plans for the future see if the changes can be reverted if the girls stop playing the game. “We hope to continue this work with larger, more diverse samples to investigate whether the brain changes we measured revert back when subjects stop playing Tetris”, said Dr. Jung.

Source: Mind Research Network