Healthy Low Calorie Snacks

With more and more people conscious about their health, eating healthy is becoming a very common practice. Forget binging on fat filled ice creams, candy bars and fried goodies, here are some great tips to watch your weight and be healthy. Low calorie snacks do not necessarily mean bland juices and unappetizing salads; with a little bit of variety you can make your snack not just healthy but also delicious.

1.Fruits and Vegetables –

Eating your favorite fruits and vegetables is a great way to jazz up your snack. Make a huge bowl of fruit salad, and include fruits such as apples, grapes, watermelons oranges etc, and eat it with half a cup of your favorite fat-free ice cream. Remember not to add any fruits such as bananas, avocado etc, as they are full of fat. You can make a delicious salad by using vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, beans etc. These are low in calorie and with the right dressing they can taste wonderful. Remember not to overdo the dressing, and only use fat-free products.

2.Filling snacks –

It is important for your snacks to be filling, or you will be grabbing junk food soon. If you are going to eat a handful of nuts when you are really hungry, chances are you won’t be sticking to your diet. Hence, make sure your snacks make you feel full.

3.Plan your meals –

Many of us get carried away when we go grocery shopping. We tend to buy all items that our body does not need. Before you go shopping, remember to plan all your meals well ahead of time. It is important not to shop for food that is high in calories. Thus, prepare your list beforehand and stick to it.

4.Snack ideas –

Other snack ideas include nuts such as walnut or hazelnuts, crackers, sugar-free gelatin, low-fat popcorn, fruit and nut bars, soups, low-fat muffins, etc. These are great examples of low calorie snacks.

5.Keep count of Calories

Remember to substitute all the items in your kitchen which has calories, with healthier options. Example – Full fat milk with skim milk. Remember to keep a count of the calories when you are making the snacks, this will automatically make them healthy.

6.Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner –

Apart from the low-calorie snacks, make sure the three meals are portioned well and are healthy.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because not only does it give you energy to keep you going throughout a busy day, but it also reduces hunger thus, stopping you from gaining weight. Include oatmeal, wheat bread, fresh fruits, low-fat milk and yogurt to get the full effect.

A low calorie lunch is also a must if you are trying to reduce weight. A few examples are – low-fat hummus, boiled eggs, tuna salad, turkey sandwich etc.

A small and early dinner is the best, try to add lots of vegetables to your dinner. This will make you feel full and sleep well. Remember never to sleep on a full stomach, as it is very easy to gain weight.

If you are wondering how many calories should I eat on a regular basis, read on.