How to Be Stress Free This Winter

The winter months are often cold, rainy and snowy. Miserable weather makes us want to stay inside and hibernate. But many of us continue to fret about upcoming events, life demands and chores that we never really turn off our brains. Which makes proper rest an impossible task in the winter.

Spend some time balancing yourself this winter. Which means taking downtime and enjoying it. Let your body and mind relax in one of these easy to implement stress-reducing methods



Yoga is a great way to calm the mind, body and soul. When you feel tense or stressed out yoga can help recalibrate the system. Stretching and holding isometric poses is a powerful way to gain strength, flexibility and core balance. If the winter has you feeling blue, try out a yoga class to help wipe away stress.



Taking mini moments throughout the day to pause and breathe can really help you feel calmer and balanced. Setting aside time every morning or evening to calm the mind will help push away winter stress. When we still ourselves, our body can relax and be calm. The mind tends to mellow out as well.



Curl up with your favorite snuggly blanket and catch some zzzzzz. Sleeping is one of the best ways to fight off cold, infections and stress. Most people sleep less then the recommended 8 hours a night. To ensure you have optimal health, make sure you are sleeping well. Which means turning off the lights completely, using a sleep mask if necessary and keeping pets and children off of the bed.


Take Care of Yourself

Make sure you take care of yourself in the winter. This means properly hydrating your body, and taking care of your personal hygiene. Including your oral hygiene. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. By practicing good health habits you will feel better and stress will most often stay away.


Eat Your Greens

During the winter we forget to eat fresh fruits and vegetables because they are not readably available in some supper markets. But getting enough nutrients is very important for balance and over all stress management. Get enough vitamins and minerals from your food by juicing it. Juicing is a popular craze that has extended to the masses because it really works. It is an excellent way to get your vegetables and energy that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Take your favorite vegetables and put them in the juicer for instant health in a glass.




Shannon Kaiser is a tip and wellness health writer for many online and print publications. For more advice on how to take care of yourself visit TenderCare, a Dentist in Milwaukie, OR.