How to Meditate Effectively – The Best Meditation Techniques

In the modern world, there is a growing need of feel for peace. Many of us are strained to achieve perfection and happiness in life through fulfillment of our materialistic needs. Our desire leads to various tensions and stress in life. To set free these tensions and stress, meditation is most recommended. Along with other needs, we should also know what our brain wants. It gets tired and worked in the run for success and accomplishment. Meditation helps our mind to relax and rejuvenate. There is huge variety of meditation techniques, but important is which one makes you feel most comfortable, calm and relaxed. Well, the choice remains with you.

Let us learn few fundamentals of how to meditate effectively. To relax your mind you need to know the effective way of meditating. Meditation requires commitment from your side. You need to practice meditation on regular basis and should set aside fix time daily. Preferably try to meditate in the place away from any distractions. While meditating you are able to bring all your worries and sorrows to still by quieting your mind.

The best meditation techniques are mentioned here.

  • Breathing meditation is most popular technique. In this type of meditation you concentrate on the process of breathing. It teaches you the art to get involve in breathing process in such a way that all other thoughts are kept away and mind is only able to feel you inhale and exhale.
  • Mindfulness meditation is a technique which allows feeling the current moment. Your mind only concentrates on what is happening now. It creates awareness and makes you alert by making you witness of your own mind.
  • Mantra meditation is a meditative state which is achieved by constantly repeating a particular mantra. Mantra is sounds that create vibration within by their continuous repetition physically or mentally. While doing so, your mind becomes focused on sound vibration causing all other thoughts to cease and mind enters a serene tranquil state.
  • Meditation can be done by focusing on certain object or constant process. If object is music example waves, then you have to carefully listen to music and avoid all other thoughts from coming to your mind. If the object is candle then you have continuously look at the flame and bring all your thoughts to standstill. Constant process can be exemplified through breathing meditation.
  • There are many guided meditation types. They are widely available through CDs or certified teachers. Yoga meditation or third eye meditation need learning and therefore should be learnt from certified teachers or yoga gurus.

Choice for meditation techniques is wide, though benefits are similar. All help to increase brain activity and concentration power. It enhances our ability to work efficiently. It keeps you healthy and avoids anxiety, stress and depression. It rejuvenates your spiritual power. It connects your body and soul. It kills all the sufferings, negative feelings and discomfort. It promotes positive feeling within. Remember, all these benefits can be enjoyed only by meditating effectively and regularly.

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