Older People Get Smarter with Internet

old manOlder people who use internet get smarter and better at making decisions. After just one week of regular internet surfing changes are being noticed in the brain, according to a new research.

Using the internet is a simple way for older people to train their brain. It can make them smarter in quite short period of time, says Dr. Gary Small who is a professor of psychiatry at the UCLA Semel Institute and directs the Memory and Aging Research Center and the UCLA Center on Aging. Gary Small has together with his colleagues done a study of 24 healthy people in the age between 55 to 78 years old. He let them search for information on the internet. The participants were divided into two groups, equal amount of male and female and depending on their previous experience with using the internet.

The participants sat in front of the computer everyday for one hours searching for answers to various questions. The scientists examined the brain activity  during two sessions with MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging). During the first session they could see that the activity in the brain increased in the areas responsible for language, reading ability, memory and sight.

Two weeks later they could see increased blood flow in the areas responsible for the working memory and ability to make decisions. The working memory is the ability to remember information during a few seconds. This is also probably the part of the intelligence that can be improved by training. Start using the internet today and get smarter!