Poor Memory = Poor Relationships

A poor memory can threaten many things in life for instance personal relationships and business contacts. Most people forgets small things that might be very important for people around them and this affects the relationship. By paying little attention to improve their memoy skills and consequently put up with faulty recall.

A particular disturbing habit some people give is empty promises. This causes upsets and misunderstandings that can be frustrating for family members, friends and business relationships.

In many cases the person that was promised something might also forget what was promised. But when people do remember the empty words from the speaker this will lead to poor relationships. Do you promise to call your friends later this weekend and end up forgetting it? Did you promise your colleague to help with a task and never did help this person?

These empty promises will send out a bad message about your character and remember different people have very different levels of sensitivity. Your trustworthiness will drop and this all due to bad memory.  A poor memory can destroy relationships and you will be categorized as a forgetful or thoughtless person that cannot be trusted. Nobody wants the embarrassment of reminding you and the things you have committed to.

How to start your journey to stop making empty promises?

  • Simply start improving your memory by taking more interest in whatever is important to the other person.
  • Write a note in your calendar or mobile phone on each contacts that you have promised anything to keep track.
  • Practise your memory and try to pay attention on the promises you have given.