Supercharge Your Brain by New Scientist

We recommend to read this week New Scientist issue with an article about Supercharging your brain by pushing your mind to its limit.

Helen Thomson has written this cover story and has gathered information from some of many studies about how to improve brain mental power.

We are questioning though the article part where she begins the article by saying that brain training (softwares) doesn’t work. We were at a seminar with Professor Lars-Göran Nilsson from Stockholm Brain Institute a couple of weeks ago. I asked him if he thinks that brain training through computer games will help the memory. He said that it surely improves the gaming skills for that particular brain training game. Though there are no measurable evidences to back this up, but he believed that the brain training will have some impact on the cognitive learning & functioning. Professor Lars-Göran Nilsson said that all kind of stimulation is good than nothing and bring awareness to get a successful aging.

It would have been more interesting with this article if there were more sources to back up the article & interviews. For example the author could have asked those who have made brain training softwares i.e. Nintendo who have created “Brain Age”. It would be nice to hear from both sides that really compare the claims.

Personally I have been playing different brain games in hope to get better memory and thinks it gives a nice challenge to everyday life. I try to remember telephone numbers, names etc in a total different way nowadays thanks to the fun games.

What do you think of brain games training? Please share some tip on great games and sites.